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Song Title: “Hummingbird”

I wrote this a while back and forgot about it. For some reason it hit me differently today, and I felt like it was worth sharing on here. It’s funny how the same song can mean such different things given a little bit of time, isn’t it?

But enough of my rambling…. give a listen if you find a spare moment. Maybe, just maybe, this song can mean a little bit of something to you too.

(c) Matthew Walsh

TRUTH: i like most dogs more than i like most humans.

and so i smiled and whispered to myself… my problems are small; i am small; the universe is big, and beautiful, and new and (for the most part) undiscovered; for i have yet to sift through it all; and i will never be able to do so, completely; not in my waking hours; not even in my dreams.

i let the stars enter my body in peace, let their light seep through my eyes, to brighten my thoughts. the distance between the heavens and myself seemed further than ever before— a reminder that i was not finished.

suddenly, there was so much hope left.

we were never on the same page.

A Misdiagnosis: Pt. II

I must remember as I write this, that these words will never hit you, like they have me, but merely brush against your skin and (if the universe contains any balance at all) may also produce a slight and uncomfortable tickle, not so difficult to forget. Significance is so unfortunately relative.

You see… for me, every point of intersection in our lifelines penetrated like a bullet, gone through and through, becoming the events by which I measured time passed. I do believe that such a measurement would be a product of love, if love were something that did exist, that one’s world becomes punctuated by another’s, creating the quiver-resulting-from-your-touch exclamation points, the do-you-think-i-am-as-crazy-as-i-feel question marks, the longing-to-hear-those-words-fall-from-your-lips commas, and that final and ever-powerful period. For you, the closest thing to punctuation that I ever became, was a dash on the asphalt your tires drove over on your journey to a destination we both know to be unknown.

And yet, maybe you can understand. Understand, that I wanted to be something more than some helping verb. Maybe you know what that feels like, but somehow, I doubt you do.  Oh, why bother with that bitterness now? Either way, the basic rules of grammar teach us that “is” cannot replace “hoping”, but can only be the means to which one reaches a word with such meaning, a word (or three) that drives us all to strive for a higher state, even if it is only a fabrication of our minds.

So do you see why I must believe this is a misdiagnosis? Just as I was only the lead up—the in between— to you, I have to persuade myself that you were the same to me. The thought of this as some horrible misinterpretation makes the future look so much brighter, doesn’t it? To feel something beyond that yearning… well, that will be…. that would be …. really something.

Still, age has made me forget to have such youthful faith in what I cannot see, that faith that pours out of your eyes but seems missing from mine. Maybe all I wanted from you was to take away your childish conviction— the simple belief that it’ll all work out in the end. But, I was unaware that optimism cannot be stolen; it must be earned. If, with you, I cannot undo the years, or unlearn what I have learned, I’ll do my best to, without you, grow young again. 

(c) Matt Walsh

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Song Title: “Naked”

My potential new solo project (or possibly band) name is Mansuit. This is a rough demo of a new song by Mansuit (aka Matt Walsh). Bare with me. It’s good, I promise. SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS TRACK. For the harmonies alone. Yes, I’m bragging. Sorry ‘bout it.

I love you all. The fact that you’re reading this and that you’re about to (hopefully) listen to “Naked” means way more to me than I can express.

All words and music written by Matt Walsh.

(c) Matt Walsh

Did I mention I love you?

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Song Title: “Little Metal Box”

(c) Matt Walsh

I just wrote this! It’s a baby song, less than a minute and a half. So hey! what’s a minute and a half in your day? You might as well give a listen. Or even repost if you feel so inclined. I will most definitely extend this tune later, but i’m enjoying these harmonies too much right now to keep them to myself.

If you’re having a bad day, or you’re sad for some reason or another, check out the words to this song located in my last post. They’re pretty basic. But hey, they made me feel better after being in a bit of a bad mood. And I think that sometimes finding happiness is much simpler than you’d think.

little metal box

write down your big sad words and stick them in a metal box.

you can remember that they’re there, but make sure to keep them all locked up

till the morning, once you’ve stopped mourning the death of yesterday.

Cause if you read them with the rising sun, they just won’t feel the same.

but if they do, then hold them close, and learn the weight they hold.

Cause that weight will hold you down, build your foundation, make you grow.

but tonight, please go to bed with this simple happy thought.

that you just may dream of a world without that little metal box.

(c) Matt Walsh

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Song Title: “Movie Sets & Masquerades”

It’s been a pretty amazing weekend. I have never collaborated successfully on a brand new song with someone, that is, until i decided to show Lacee a ukelele part i had been messing around withon Saturday. Within an hour, we wrote almost the whole song. And tonight, we polished it off. There’s still more to do, but we are pretty damn happy with the current results.

Listen, enjoy, show all your friends.

(c) Matt Walsh & Lacee Sandberg

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